Plenary Session Two2

Ethics and Sustainability Forum (ESF) 2018

Grand Master Think Tank Forum 201 

Keynote Speech 2:

Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development

Dr. Yan Chen, President, International Campus Towards An Ecological Civilization


Dr. CHEN Yan is the Executive President of the China-Europa Forum, the President of the International Campus towards an Ecological Civilization, the Secretary-General of the Association of Chinese Intellectuals in Europe, and a former professor at the University of Wuhan China, the University of Lyon, l’Institut national des Langues et Civilisations Orientales de Paris and the University of Paris VII. He has written or edited several books published in the collection Penser avec la Chine (publisher):

Publications  in French :

« Ecrits édifiants et curieux sur la Chine du XXIe siècle » Editions de l’Aube 2004 France

« L’éveil de la Chine : Les bouleversements intellectuels après Mao, 1976-2002 », Editions de l’Aube 2002, France.

Publications in Chinese:

«Climate change and ecological transition » (Foreword and Director) Edition Jincheng 2015 Beijing

«Urbanization : China Europa », Edition Jincheng 2013 Beijing (Foreword and Director)

« Democracy and Utopia » Edition Sanlian ,2014 Beijing

« The dilemma of Chinese nationalism » Seminar collection 2009, Hong Kong (Director and introduction), Edition : City University Hong Kong, 2012.

Translation: Léon Vandermeersch «Le nouveau monde sinisé» 2007, Edition du Peuple du Jiangxi.


The International Campus towards un Ecologican Civilization aims at helping the members of civil society active in accompanying the inevitable ecological transition. Through joint efforts by researchers, experts and non-professionals, and people on the ground, the campus will examine unprecedented issues, explore new avenues for possible solutions, and promote the development of operational projects to deliver those solutions. It will be a space for the synergy of all stakeholders, a space for creativity and innovation.

The China-Europa Forum is a society-to-society dialog process of a new kind which aims to take up common challenges between European and Chinese societies. The Association of Chinese Intellectuals includes about one hundred Chinese academics, journalists, writers and artists living in Europe. It was at the origin of the first China-Europa Forum.